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Wait, What Exactly Is The Holy Grail? Does It Have To Fit In The Pocket?


just 11.0 in - 29.5 in - 5.7 in - just 16.8 pounds - 3 riding modes - 20 mph top speed - 14 mile range - 20% hill grade - ergonomic remote - regenerative brakes - is this yet everything you need in a small electric skateboard?

Immediately Deliverable to/within the EU! - Boosted Mini X Refurbished €1099 €749 in stock - Duty and tax included - Mon to Fri before 14:00 = Shipped same day.

This is a refurbished board, verified, cleaned and tested by Boosted. It is brand new and checked for defects before shipping.


As you know Triple 8 stands for "go ahead, push harder, go faster, fly higher". In order to do so protect your bodyparts in the first place. The dual-certified skateboard helmet with high impact-absorbing EPS foam complies with ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards and the U.S. CPSC safety standard for bicycle helmets. The KP 22 knee pads and EP 55 elbow pads come in a set and are the most durable pads on the market. The heavy-duty padded shorts help to protect hips, thighs and tailbones, but nobody needs to know, these thin impact shorts fit comfortably and discreetly under pants. The top grain leather hook and loop gloves are fully padded with shock absorbing foam layers and designed for great durability.


Brand, Boosted. Material, Composit. Color, Black. Form, Compact.



Boosted Mini X is the stash-and-go Boosted Board experience you've been waiting for. At only 29.5 inches long, this electric skateboard fits perfectly under desks, in overhead storage on buses and Trains, and is built for riders who are always on the move. Mini´s custom-designed composite deck provides a wide, stable standing platform and features a deep dish concave shape for superior control. The kick tail design allows for quick pivoting in close quarters and lets you "float" over road imperfections. Best of all, Boosted Mini X delivers the same powerful acceleration and smooth, secure braking you expect from Boosted with ride modes and acceleration patterns designed to suit the board's compact profile. Boosted Mini X is where power meets agility. Dimensions 11.0 in (W), 29.5 in (L), 5.7 in (H), weight 16.8 pounds, black deck, grey wheels Lunar 80mm, power 1000 watts charge time 1 hour 45 minutes, 14 mile range, 20% hill grade, speed 20mph. MORE FROM BOOSTED


Purchase - I bought a new (notice not * refurbished*) Boosted Mini X on Amazon to get the fast and free shipping and the excellent return policy. When it comes to buying highly sought after products that are quickly out of stock elsewhere I don´t hesitate and just love Amazon for being stocked up most of the time, no matter how the brand´s going.

Warranty - The purchase is covered with a 12 months warranty from Boosted which is worth nothing as most people know (read the paragraph "Boosted Boards / Boosted USA"). However, having tons of replacement parts stocked up at retailers, Boosted USA or Fatdaddy it didn´t bother me much. Of course, I didn´t add the 24-months protection since all warranties by Boosted Boards are actually done, so be aware if you´re not. Either way don´t forget if the board ordered on Amazon isn´t ok, you can just return it to them within 30 days. Every issue after that period has to be solved by yourself. Read more about replacements in the paragraphs "Parts and modding" and "Boosted Boards / Boosted USA".

What´s in the box? - Boosted Mini X, remote control, charger, user manual.

First impression - this board just seems great engineered and I liked its performance, handling, point of balance and its control right from the beginning. The design and finish are just awesome. However Mini`s charger is a clunky beast and the stock Lunar wheels seem a bit small and hard. Many say, the hardest wheels are often used by experienced and professional street skaters, but I`ve more issues balancing on a board with extremely hard wheels. Whatsever, hard wheels are uncomfortable for longer rides and this is an electric skateboard with a promised 14 mile range. Harder wheels are not comfortable on rough roads, tend to slide on slick surfaces and make more noise. Thus, I take the long way home with pleasure (read the paragraph "Wheel upgrade").
Battery range and portability - the Mini X gets a good range and range does matter to all riders. The both more expensive boards Boosted Plus V3 and Boosted Stealth share the same stock battery range of 14 miles by the way. Keep in mind, there´re some key factors from real life that influence every battery range in particular: weight of the rider, speed setting/ride mode, velocity/how you accelerate, terrain profile. I´ve ripped some ground in the meanwhile and I didn´t had to revive or fix the Boosted battery so far. Since I´ve 200 lbs I´ve had something around of 9 miles until the first complete drain of the battery, later the same, often riding up a bunch of hills on the expert mode (read the paragaph "Speed settings") . Thus I guess the promised 14 mile are just on beginner mode (pure) or maybe eco too, but I can live with that. The charger by the way is not very portable as mentioned, but it does the job. You can take the Boosted Mini X on the plane if you remove the battery and stick it in a lugagge, use this this tool. However, the extended range battery (199 watts) is unfortunetely not legal for air flight. The Mini X itself is as expected a very portable and stowable board even though somewhat front heavy.

Most (alleged) common issues#1 motor noise - the both belt motors of 500 watts run silently enough if all screws are tightened propely. I didn´t have an issue so far. #2 motor belts - some frustrated guys spread across forums that in particular the Mini X requires its first belt replacement very quickly. First of all don´t forget the occasional belt replacement or adjustment is common across all electric skateboards with belt motors, above all if someone pushes it constantly over the limit. Some people are just not careful in terms of what terrain they go over with the Mini X but it matters a lot. Just be aware and avoid very bad and crappy roads because you will definitely feel it and the Mini X too. #3 vibrations - different day, same lesson. Actually this topic sucks. Yes there are some additional vibrations already due to the thing called "motor". There´re professionals who have studied "vibration characteristics of motor structures", so if someone´s interested in details, he may visit Elon Musk´s Tesla laboratory, I don´care. Practically every e-board has some slight vibrations coming from the motors, and the more people complain and bable about the "the killer vibrations" the more I enjoy a "vibrant ride" with 2 kickass electric motors under my feet pushing me forward. I even greatly enjoy all vibrations. Greetings to all ladies by the way. Anyway, I´ve noticed slightly more vibrations when riding on bumpy parvement or pieces of a road in a poor condition, so I guess it´s because the symmetrical power distribution of both motors is more likely to increase due to stronger or more forces acting on the wheels, thus the motor frequency could be eventually higher, however, I don´t care. And just to remind you, the Mini X isn´t built for offroad purposes, but if you take the risk, do the easy peasy wheel upgrade since it´s a small door opener in different matters.

Wheel upgrade - changing the size of the wheels can have a big effect on top speed, braking, and overall board performance. Pros of hard wheels are faster acceleration, less likely to bounce, more control in closed spaces. Nevertheless you can change out the harder stock 80mm wheels with larger Caguama 85mm wheels with softer rubber for a noticeably smoother ride when the pavement is rough - here is an installation guide for boosted boards if needed. Don´t forget to check for wheel clearance on any modified setup and make any necessary adjustments. You could probably even throw on a set of 90s on the Mini but I didn´t tested it. The softer Caguama reduce noticeably some vibrations by the way and are definitely more comfy for cruising. READ PART 2

*The prices will likely change over time, so click the link below to check the current price of the Mini X. I may earn a small commision if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of my links. Every of your purchases via my Amazon links supports my cause & blessmyfeet.com at no additional cost to you.


When it comes to replacement and adjustments, you´ll need compatible high quality and high strength parts to work with. The portable T tool accessory with T-type allen key and L-type Phillips head wrench screwdriver is what you need to tighten up, replace or repair your board quickly. The Iwonder wheel pulley conversion Kit 3M-56T enables you to upgrade your Boosted board and to expand your wheel collection. The Kutrick Boosted Boards kevlar belts are much stronger than the stock belts and come with the same teeths as the original belts what makes them far more durable and fully compatible with Boosted Boards. The orange, blue and purple Orangatang Caguama wheels come with a much softer and bigger rubber than the Lunar stock wheels and roll over all small cracks, rocks and sticks like like small pontoon boats over water and reduce noticable a part of vibrations.


Speed settings - the 3 Boosted Mini`s ride modes are "beginner", "eco" and "expert". The Boosted Stealth in comparison has 5 modes, "eco", "beginner", "pro", "expert", "hyper". From my point of view Mini´s 3 modes are enough for the learning curve to benefit from its highest performance in the expert mode. On the end of the day the expert mode is the mode to go for all Mini X riders once they´ve built confidence.
The expert mode is not only about more powerfull acceleration and faster speed but also about a faster braking ability it provides. The power distribution is symmetrical, so the engine gets more power and more braking torque in expert than in eco mode. The more powerful braking in expert mode actually make it a better fit for urban commuting where sudden stops may be required. Thus, once you get used to the throttle response of the thumbwheel you´ll be able to operate most of the time in the expert mode to enjoy all its benefits, not only in terms of more speed, acceleration but also braking power when required. And last but not least, riding up hills with a decent grade in "beginner" isn´t a joy.

Acceleration and velocity - for beginners - be careful and respect Mini´s power, it is not a toy and it really takes off. Thus take it easy and just accelerate slowly and wear a helmetknee and elbow padsguard gloves - padded shorts until you learn how safely to operate this small rocket. You´ll make the leap to expert fast enough if you´re constantly on the move. However, riding on flat surface on intermediate mode (eco) is already a pure joy even with the smaller and harder stock wheels. You´ll realize pretty quickly that it´s more like you`re surfing or wakeboarding the street. And this is actually what`s about in the frist place, joy.

Maximum load - according to Boosted Mini X´s specs the weight limit is around 250 pounds. Boosted topped it once in a well known comment "We have had Shaquell O'Neal (325 lbs) ride our board". However, the short footage shows him just standing on one of Boosted´s another boards, eventually the V2, just for marketing purposes, thus it´s not very helpful. I get something around 200 lbs when I get on to the scale, and I´ve zero issue uphill in the expert mode. So eventually you guys and ladies will be fine with this board too.

Parts and modding - playing around I´ve noticed plenty of opportunities in terms of upgrades and hyper unlocks within the Boosted community. Boosted´s customer base is extremely passionate and well known for tuning, modding and offers tons of board parts for replacement in case something is out of stock at 3rd party suppliers and retailers. Right now Boosted USA is still stocked up with the most parts you´ll need since they bought all the remaining inventory from Boosted Boards and let them ship all in all from China to the US. Thus you´ll have always great opportunities to snag needed parts, in order to replace and modify, actually even without any need for support from Boosted Boards who actually designed and engeneered the Mini X. There´s also a chip available called the Amnesia Modchip. But there´re important things to know in the first place.  Be wise and always ready to maintain and to check in the first place. Some guys don´t care and ride their gear to death without looking after it much. This chip seems practically not to be ready to go yet. I´ll promote the Amnesia Modchip on blessmyfeet.com when it has been sufficiently tested by professionals for a longer period of time (in progress) - more to come soon.

Availability in the US versus EU - if you´re located in the EU, there is an awsome parts supplier delivering very fast to you. The Fatdaddy Urban Mobility Store is able to provide you with replacement parts for Boosted boards and accessories. By the way also with refurbished Boosted Boards in top conditions from time to time. Fatdaddy offers also some another very cool electric motor based items as e-bikes or e-rollers, check them out using my top menu. For the US market Amazon, Boosted USA and other retailers and 3rd party supplieres should work just fine. As mentioned before Boosted USA stocked up with the last remaining inventory from Boosted shipped from China. However, if you´re located in the US in example, I would always prefer a purchase on Amazon in the first place, since I don´t have to mess with any issues in terms of returns if the item isn´t ok yet from the start. Not the same as the already experienced "hey, we cannot offer any returns, this is an item from a liquidition sale of Boosted Boards, the brand is done! and the purchase was on your own risk (against hidden defects)".

Accessories - in terms of usufull accessories you can actually mount some led skateboard lights on the Mini if needed to cruise in low light conditions. There are a lot quite promising and compatible led kits available to buy but I didn´t tested them until now. In terms of other accessories click the link in m top menu to check them out.

Recommendation - from the the next point of view, if you don´t drive a car unless you need to, you will save a couple tanks of gas and you will park for free all the time, and this just pays for itself when it comes to short commutes, spontaneous errands in an urban enviroment and when you´re always on the move with your board. The Mini X is of course so much more portable and better stowable than a Boosted longboard in example. Regardless of some weak points the Mini X is solid built and sturdy, and allows upgrades, tuning and modding.

Boosted Boards / Boosted USA - it´s only fair to mention that Boosted Boards suffered a lot due to the trade war with China and Covid. Lime bought Boosted’s intellectual property and other assets. Boosted USA bought among other things almost all remaining inventory, includig electric skateboards, electric rollers and replacement parts, and the domain of Boosted Boards which redirects now to Boosted USA. However Boosted USA isn´t Boosted Boards. Boosted Boards is no longer, and every warranty is done, but the good news is Boosted USA has tons of parts and stuff to keep you up and rolling. If you´re interested in the whole story with more details about Boosted USA, read the full interview here. However, a top notch premium board like the Mini X won´t be designed and engineered neither twice nor on daily basis, so it should be all about the product itself in the first place when considering a purchase.

Bottom line - In terms of overall quality and performance there is no comparison to any of the other mini electric skateboard that costs less money. The Boosted Mini X can literally change your life for the better if you´re understanding its value. Actually, you`ll love this board for sure. Just in case buy on Amazon to get the free shipping and the free return policy, if the board isn´t ok, you can return it to Amazon. Get this highly sought after product as soon as possible while supplies really last. The Boosted Mini X is in the progress to be sold out everywhere and won´t be produced anymore. Thus now it´s probably your last chance to snag this great engineered mini electric skateboard.

UPDATE THU, 14-JAN-2021 - as expected, in the meanwhile all Boosted Mini X boards in a "new" condition are unfortunetely sold out at Amazon too. That´s the way it goes. However, you can still buy the Mini X in a "collectible - like new" condition or "used - good" condition on Amazon. Take your chance now.

*The prices will likely change over time, so click the link below to check the current price of the Mini X. I may earn a small commision if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of my links. Every of your purchases via my Amazon links supports my cause & blessmyfeet.com at no additional cost to you.


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Boosted Mini X - Where Power Meets Agility


Small and Mighty

The Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard is perfect for shorter commutes, cruising campus, and quick errands, the Boosted Mini is everything you need in a small electric skateboard.

New Standard in Deck Design

Boosted Mini’s custom-designed Deep Dish composite deck is built around a strong, yet lightweight poplar core and wrapped in fiberglass for a smooth, refined ride.

Smaller Size. Same Great Ride.

Boosted Mini delivers the same powerful acceleration and smooth, secure braking you expect from Boosted.

14 Miles of Freedom

Don't let range hold you back. Get on the Boosted Mini and get up to 14 miles of range.

Climb Anything

The Boosted Mini can take on hills as steep as 20% with ease. That means you’ll always have reliable, split-second control of your acceleration and braking.

Buttery Smooth

With a top speeds of 18 mph and 20 mph, both Boosted Mini models offer just the right amount of speed without sacrificing stability.

Details Matter

All Boosted boards are purpose-built from the ground up for the rigors of electric skateboarding. Boosted took care of the details so you can enjoy the ride.

Smoother and Faster

Smoother and faster than ever, the wheel’s flex profile is soft enough to handle road imperfections, yet firm enough to provide all the grip riders need when it matters most.

Powerful Acceleration

Boosted’s 1,000 Watts ergonomic remote works in concert with our cutting-edge firmware to make the Boosted experience incredibly simple and intuitive and reliable.

Intuitive Control

Boosted’s ergonomic remote works in concert with our cutting-edge firmware to make the Boosted experience incredibly simple and intuitive and reliable.



If you´re always on the move or a frequent flyer you´ll need some solutions In terms of portability and stowability. Who cares if a board "fits perfectly under desks"? The water resistant slimfit travel bag from Hubro Designs comes with a big center pocket for chargers, backpack straps, a chest strap and padded lining on all sides. The foldable Rolli Pack backpack bag measures 10" x 16" x 4" and is made from 600D Polyester that can withstand grip-tape abrasions. The GoRide Elite Carrier is made with extra foam padding throughout and is the big daddy of extra storage thus perfect for traveling. The water resistant Nike SB Courthouse backpack is quality pure and it comes in iguana/black camo with strong and durable dual straps on front to secure your board, thus it´s designed for long-lasting usage.


Design, Sick. Speed, Insane. Range, Good. Control, Simple.

The Boosted Mini X is undisputed the holy grail of mini electric skateboards and not without reason a highly sought after product while supplies last. It has its dynamics in terms of self-preservation and a huge fanbase that offers replacement and modding parts. Some 3rd party suppliers and retailers are able to provide you with parts and repairs too. Be sure to get the fast and free shipping and above all the free return policy on Amazon when buying the Boosted Mini X. In case your board isn´t ok you can always return it to Amazon without to care about warranty issues. Don´t forget the Mini is a rocket in terms of speed, acceleration and velocity. However, it´s not a complicated NASA like rocket with millions of parts, thus you´ll be able to replace and repair by yourself if needed, also if you´re a total newcomer in electric skateboarding.
*The prices will likely change over time, so click the link below to check the current price of the Mini X. I may earn a small commision if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of my links. Every of your purchases via my Amazon links supports my cause & blessmyfeet.com at no additional cost to you.

Immediately Deliverable to/within the EU! - Boosted Mini X Refurbished €1099 €749 in stock - Duty and tax included - Mon to Fri before 14:00 = Shipped same day.

This is a refurbished board, verified, cleaned and tested by Boosted. It is brand new and checked for defects before shipping.


Bless My Feet - All About Boosted Board Mini X - A Great Engineered & Highly Sought After Product, Currently Part Of The Liquidation Sale Of Boosted Boards - Read The Full Review With Tips & Cues - Use The Provided Links To Check Up 3rd Party Suppliers & Retailers - Buy Boosted Mini X Accessories, Boosted Mini X Spare & Replacement Parts - Purchase  Refurbished Boards From The Remaining Inventory In Collectible Like New & Used Good Condition - While Supplies Last.

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